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Looking for coupons?

Here's the latest collection of coupons from Spring 2024

No need to worry if you handed over a coupon but wanted to use the one on the back as well - you can download the coupon here. Most of the local businesses will need you to print out the coupon and bring it into them, so that they can track how many coupons have been redeemed. You can check with the individual businesses to find out what they require. Extra copies of the printed book are available around the city while supplies last.


Kelowna Area Coupons


Most of our advertisers accept coupons from the website as long as you print out a physical copy and bring it to them. They generally won't accept a photo from your phone. If you're unsure, contact the business directly. Each business is responsible for their own coupon rules.
To download & print coupons, tap on the image below, then select the download icon when it pops open

Download Icon.png
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